Friday, July 29, 2011

The beginning.....

So I've got some free time on my hands and decided to start up a blog, mostly so I don't have to bore my friends and family with my endless crafty ideas and pictures on facebook lol. Here if they wanna know what I'm working on they can take a look themselves, at their own will I guess. So this is my first blog and I hope I can keep it up, I'm so inexperienced at it though please bare with me and forgive my mistakes. I just wanted a spot where I can share my daily ordeals as a crafty mom, so with that I hope I can find some others like myself or unlike myself. I am open to any ideas, whether crafty, cooking or baking wise or even just plain everyday advice, I'd love to hear it all! I am a blog lover and as you can see by my extensive list of blogs that I follow, they vary widely in substance, I love subjects of all kinds from books, to crafts, to arts and music, everything and anything that I find interesting. So here's to a new beginning, in a world unknown to me!

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